A Grand Adventure Begins Here

Hello and welcome to my blog.
Let me tell you about a game that I am working on.  This one is less than secret compared to all the others, which is funny.  The reason it is funny is because it’s called Spies, Spooks, and Hackers™.  I would give you the URL to where I’m doing it, but I have a few things to work out right now.  First off I need to write what it is people are going to have to do to play the game.  Let me tell you about what I hope it will be like.  First, you go to the main web page for the game and there is a little greeting and an encoded message.  Second, you’re first goal is to decode the message to learn what it says.  Next you have to understand it.
The letter, and this is no surprise, is an invitation to find out how to join the game.  It’s the first puzzle.  If the reader is up to the task of finding out how to join the game then they are well on their way to starting.  It’s sneaky, but the people I’ve enlisted to try it out have told me that they had a blast trying to solve the puzzle.  There is a hint to be found for the people who need it.  Everything is right all in that first page.  There is no need to search elsewhere, though later when the game is rolling I can use the entire weight of my websites and blogs and network homepages to make for some absolutely rip-roaring scavenger hunts.  See tomorrow’s blog for more and a link to the first page/puzzle.
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