Keys, Codes and Cyphers

First before I get rolling, the game of which I spoke yesterday is to be found at Spies, Spooks and Hackers™ and I hope you enjoy it.  As I said there’s not much there yet.  There is a message that is encoded, and there are answers on how to join in on the fun, all within that one page, no need to look elsewhere within the domain, yet.  Now as to the encoding, well that is done, like a lot of spy novel style encoding through the use of cyphers. Unabridged describes a cypher as " a secret method of writing, as by transposition or substitution of letters, specially formed symbols, or the like".  (You may have to look under cipher—the American spelling.)
Once a cypher is strong enough, or powerful enough, that a person cannot just read a message and understand it then a key is most definitely needed to crack the code.  That’s all a cypher is, a coded message—in case I’m not being clear enough.  When I first came up with the idea for this game I sat down and designed six different cyphers to be used.  Each cypher is more complicated and therefore stronger than the one before it.  As the game is revealed, and as people begin to play it they will end up with stronger and stronger cyphers both to have to understand to gain clues and solves puzzles, and to use to send their own safely encoded messages (safely within the confines of the game, not real life where I hold all the keys except for one).  Enjoy.  More info tomorrow.
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