Hiding Your Secrets

Now that you know how to essentially make secret messages, and how to teach other people to decode your cyphers (just do the letter swapping the other way around using your key alphabet and the regular one) you might want to keep your messages away from prying eyes.  There are ways to break simple cyphers, but if someone snooping after you can’t find the message they can’t crack your code.  Here’s where it helps to be sneaky.  The Internet makes this really easy.  You can hide messages right in plain sight or you can bury them away where only the people that know where to look can find it.
First, to hide a message in plain sight you need only to change the colour of the text on a web page.  If you have black text on a white page then you make the text you want to hide white and it disappears like magic.  To see the message all you have to do is highlight the text on the page.  When you highlight text it changes the colour and makes the hidden revealed.  In sort of the same fashion you can make a link on a web page look exactly like normal text.  Or you can make an image a link.  That image can be small and the same colour as your background.  Don’t make it too small or it’ll be too hard to find, and don’t forget where you hid the blank image.  A gif image that is transparent is the best way to go.  That’s what the bay guys do to track where you surf–insert a hidden image that their stats program reads who downloads it–but we’re doing it just for fun.
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