Making a Cypher

I thought today we could sit down and work out our own, brand new cypher.  First you need your key.  In this case let’s make one similar to the one I used on the web page for my game.  For this we need two words, or pair of words with the same length and none of the same letters, and no repeating letters.  Okay lets use the names "Jon Match" and "Rudy Biel"—ignore the space between the two names.  Now, what you do is you first set out the alphabet all as one line.  Then you take and replace the letters from the first name for the second name.  So switch places between the J and R, the O and U, the N and D, and so on and so forth.  Then you fill in the rest of letters exactly as they used to be.  You should end up with the following…
Now you have a cypher to encode a message with.  The "new" alphabet is the cypher; Jon Match and Rudy Biel are the key to creating it.  Let’s use the cypher to encode the message "this is an encoded message".  Go through the sentence letter by letter and replace the old alphabet letter for the one from the new alphabet.  This would make the encoded message read "ilts ts bd cdeuncn ycssbgc".  Pretty cool, eh?  If you didn’t know what the key was you couldn’t figure out this message on your own.  A computer might be able to crack it.  There are sites that do, but that would be cheating.  Besides, this is an easy cypher.  There are ways to make them much more difficult for a program to just unjumble in a few seconds.  There are some a computer can’t even crack.  Those are the fun ones.
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