Lazy Day

Today is Easter Monday, whatever that means.  The calendar I have says Easter Sunday and next to that Easter Monday (Canada).  Just what does "on the third day" mean exactly?  I don’t know.  The Monday is always a government holiday here in Canuck-land.  Only snivel serpents, err I mean, civil servants and banks and the post office have the day off for certain.  I have a real itch for a package I’ve been waiting on to come in the mail.  Two days in addition to the weekend with the post office closed is about driving me nuts.  Sure I don’t know the package is there, it could still be a week or more away given how things work.
Since I blogged on Friday I had a notion to take today off.  The only reason I didn’t is probably because of all those days I didn’t write a thing, when I was sick.  I also thought today to write another bit about the game.  I was thinking specifically about writing out the section on the difference between a Spy, a Spook, and a Hacker.  It is at once simple and complex, well complex in the nuanced sense as opposed to so more technical or ideological complexity.  Though the latter may be truer than the former.  Look for it soon if not tomorrow.
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