Eaten Spam

Something is eating my emails on my personal accounts.  It’s rather quite annoying.  I’ve been logging into the web-based mail system regularly to keep an eye on my Junk Folder and I see things coming into it, but it can’t be everything.  I’ve been contacted by other means asking why I haven’t been responding.  I’ve looked, and I’ve looked, but there are no signs of these messages.  As far as I know the filters are not supposed to delete anything prior to the Junk Folder.
If you’ve been trying to get a hold of me and I haven’t gotten back to you, please switch over and use one of my non-Sympatico accounts.  I do not know if I have the same issue with my Hotmail, since both of them use the exact same system.  My work emails at least are on completely different software.  In fact I know my main work address is keeping everything because I spent over an hour today deleting the messages in the Spam Folder there.  Over 8000 messages had piled up in there going back to well into last year.  Looks like I’ll have to manually police it too.
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