That (Un)Lucky Day Before the Weekend

Hopefully this week will be better than last week.  I do think I will admit something though.  I took off from blogging on Friday not due to feeling bad, but from feeling good.  Friday was of course Friday the 13th.  Unlike others I’ve always considered 13 to be my lucky number and when it falls on a Friday, the last day of the school week and now the workweek (if I don’t work seven days a week that is) it makes for a great combination and a great day.  For that reason if nothing else I took off Friday and didn’t a do single useful thing except for some coding I’ve been fiddling around with for my Riftsâ game.
Around here Friday the 13th also has more meaning.  There is a town–I don’t know maybe almost a small city given the businesses congregated there, if not the overall population–called Port Dover.  Every Friday the 13th for years now bikers from across Ontario, across Canada, and even across large parts of the U.S. congregate in Port Dover on that auspicious day.  I’ve been told it started with a small group (gang?) of bikers needing to deliver a package to one of their members in Port Dover and it was somehow important (I don’t believe it’s known why) so they made it a yearly pilgrimage (sometimes more than once in the year based on the falling of the Friday the 13th’s) and it grew and grew.  When the weather is good, like it will be in July this year when they arrive again the numbers are pretty impressive for bikers and especially for this town (psuedo-little-city).
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