Mapping Along the Line of Sight

I did little of what I thought I would over the weekend.  I had intended to use my font height calculator to make an image of the current scene I have set in my PBeM Riftsâ RPG.  Here’s a brief overview of the scene.  We have an area of magical darkness that if viewed overhead is roughly in the shape of a trillium or three doughnut holes smashed together.  In front of that is a magical wall of screaming flames.  Some distance from the flames is our intrepid heroes.  Inside of the darkness is a centaur with a rider on his back, and a guy on a hover-cycle.
So, I know the height of everything.  I have a little animation of flames that I can steal a frame from (if not find a way to layer in the animation).    I can use the calculator to figure out the widths for everything too.  Now for the figures I don’t know what to use.  I have some images but most likely they would not be recognisable shrunken down.  I might go with just letters; the first letter of what the figure is and adjust the width somewhat.  For fun I could do more than one of these.  The first would be at full distance.  The second could be a view through the telescopic vision of the one player’s power armour at a specific magnification.  Or I could do the first one only but do it in layers.  One with just the bad guys, one with the darkness in place and one with the flaming wall.  I could even be energetic and animate the rising of the darkness and the wall.
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