So Near Yet So Far

I spent a good chunk of yesterday reading through the CNET technology news and watching videos there too.  We’ve come so far with our technology and the things we can do with it, but there are still miles to go before we sleep, as they say.  At the same time as all these incredible things can be done we are still plagued by problems with them as well.  Sometime late last week I downloaded and installed a new build of Java.  It has been nothing but a pain in the butt.  I use it daily to run chat software at Palladium Book’s site.  The chat software has some kind of built in time out feature if you are not saying anything, and no one else is saying anything.  Admittedly though it appears not to affect everyone equally so some other factor might be at play.

The problem I have, starting since I installed the new Java, is that now when the software times me out it destabilises the browser.  I’ve been using Firefox to run the chat software because if it does glitch, and it used to now and then, then I don’t lose everything I was working on or reading because I use Internet Explorer for all my surfing.  In previous Java builds if the browser was destabilised then I just opened the Taskmanager and killed it.  Sometimes then Firefox wouldn’t restart until the after you rebooted.  What this new Java build is doing is that every timeout of the chat causes a destabilisation of Firefox that is so powerful a botch that it drags the computer to a screeching halt and no amount of fiddling will get things back on track.  It’s all very annoying.  Hopefully something will get patched, because, frankly, timing out is fairly common since we’re not always Chatty Kathy’s.

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