March of the Robot Articles

Robots have gotten a lot of play in my browser lately through the technological news sources I peruse, a group of sources that seems to be as ever expanding as the proliferation of the technology that they cover.  I was at Popular Mechanics reading articles all over the map from HDTV myths to space exploration, to controversy at Digg, to finally my beloved robotics.  Of course the best synthesis or convergence has to be robots in space!
Robots are going everywhere.  In fact for the most part they are already in several different places.  There were some excellent articles about UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) being put to use in non-military applications.  These UAVs range from the well-known Predator series to newer smaller system, like the awesome one I saw in a recent US Army commercial.  I read a little about the forthcoming Halo 3 and it seems that with their robot drones and probes and stuff that it’s not just nerds like me interested in this stuff.
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