Web Page Marathons and Cthulhu

I got sucked into another marathon web-crawl last night.  It started when I was in the Palladium Books chat room and someone posted a link for a free module in PDF for the RPG called Godlike.  From that link I fell back to the site hosting the PDF to look for other freebies.  I ended up looking at a page, which included a link for an RPG called "Monsters and Other Childish Things".  The game looks pretty spectacular in concept and there is some really funny stuff in the advertising for the game.  Also they have some cool swag available too.  One bit of swag is a t-shirt for the game and depicting a creature called "Yog So’Soft", a name that still has me laughing.  It’s a pun on the creature/being in the Cthulhu mythos called Yog-sothoth.
I was telling someone about the t-shirt (Yog So’Soft) and in doing so I had to run a quick search to get the spelling of Yog-sothoth right.  That led in turn to finding www.yog-sothoth.com where I had to open up like a half dozen web pages of interesting links.  Some of those links were for a forum system (a.k.a. bulletin board in old school parlance) all about the Call of Cthulhu game.  Therein I found lots of other pages to check out such as ones on 1920s slang, 1920s food, prohibition, and some pages for the RPG called Delta Green that takes Call of Cthulhu in a slightly different direction in the modern setting.  Of course the prohibition stuff also leads to discussions and web pages about liquor, and how to make drinks, and a hilarious account of some 1970s University students trying to find Amazonian woman and the world’s most perfect alcohol. I still have pages yet to go, see you!
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