I Am Sinister

Or perhaps sinistral is more technically correct for what I am talking about here.  Not only that I’ve but I’ve been accused of being evil, clumsy, out of accord, feminine, a betrayer, cheater, and a southpaw.  Confused yet?  Some of the more sly out there know what I am talking about.  Some of the people who are just like me know it too.  I am left-handed.  All of these things and more have been ascribed to left-handed people in the past.  It’s may be by sheer luck that I live in the modern day where we are no long exorcised from the populace or beaten into conformity.
Growing up left-handed posed only a few challenges for me as far as I can recall.  I didn’t have difficulty learning to print and write, though I always did, and always will, drag the side of my hand along everything I write.  I just can’t hold it up out of the way and still be legible.  The biggest difficulty I had was with tying my shoes.  No right-handed person could teach me.  Thankfully I grew up in the prevalence of shoes held together/tight by Velcro.  When I had a teacher in the fourth grade that was left-handed he taught me how to tie my shoes in like five minutes.  It was quite hilarious.
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