I’m Huge!

Or so it would seem standing around in my basement domain now.  I cleaned up a tonne of boxes and stuff that were sitting along the walls towering into the air, some almost as high as I am tall.  I come down the stairs now and I can only think to myself, "I’m a giant," as I looked upon the shortness of the things along the walls.  The things being plastic lawn tables, the kind that you set your drink on next to your lawn chair.  They are stacked two high.  I put the bunch of DVDs from Christmas, that I was keeping in a box, on the shelf where they belong, having removed the cardboard that had been filling the space.  I even moved the CDs over and revealed part of a shelf which I then stuck RPG books onto.
I did something else over the weekend that I wanted to talk a little bit about.  A while back I blogged about setting up an animation in Daz3D that would take a tonne of rendering time.  I have a figure that follows a movement file.  I have a complete set (movie set) with lights and everything.  I then stalled on doing it because of the time and the intense computer power required to render the scene.  Most of the processing comes from the effect of the lights, which includes what I hope will be some excellent shadow work.  Last night’s render of 20 frames took a little over 10 hours to complete.  The whole thing will take about 20 nights like that I figure.  Pity the results are so short, but I hold hope that they are fully worth it.
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