I’ve Got the Heated Blues

Can we go back to winter now?  I mean sure I put on my light sweater a few minutes for here in the basement.  It’s a bit much, but that draft from the de-humidifier is pretty chilly on my bare arms.  As the night goes on I will no doubt have to take the sweater back off.  I almost forgot to blog tonight… again.  Sorry about that last week.  I added some more height to part of my office again.  Got my hands on a big four-level open shelf.  I also put one of the CD towers up on the shelf with the three-column tower.  Boy, that led to a different kind of blues.
The three-column was always the crappiest design.  It was never all that solid, and most of the CDs have to go in backward because the slots are a little tight and really short.  There’s no support for most of the CD case.  Any way, to put the taller tower next to this one I had to move it.  That of course destabilised the base of the three-column and made everything lean precariously forward.  So, I had to get rid of the broken base and get some mechanically minded people together.  We put a new wooden base on it, and now it’s going nowhere and all is well…. except, can we go back to winter?
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