What Is It with This Country

I don’t think I’ll ever understand the mail system.  It used to be, and I’d almost bet money still is, that mailing something all the way from one end of the country to another takes less time than mailing something to your next door neighbour.  I ordered some in-stock items from Amazon.co.uk, that’s all the way across the ocean, on the same day that I ordered in-stock items from Amazon.com, right across only an imaginary line.  The UK items arrived in three days.  Here almost fourteen days later there is still no sign of the items from the US.   Both shipped on the same day according to emails I received.
Now, I realise that from the UK they have to ship it by air, boat is too crazy slow.  However, does it really take that much time to travel by ground, if indeed the shipment from the US doesn’t actually fly much of its trip anyway?  Taking a leisure pace and long overnights in cushy motels I can drive to Texas in three days, but fourteen days later my mail still hasn’t arrived?  Customs?  Well they could be at fault, but why so much longer for one package than another, when all of them are books by the same author, and, in albeit different original counties, the same store.  Madness I say!
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