I’m Being Invaded!

Something dangerous, insidious, horrifying, all powerful is invading my basement!  Or maybe it’s just a tree root…  A spot on the wall back near the water pipes has just suddenly grown like a pregnant lady and is now so distended that it’s cracking.  Talk about destructive whatever it is.  It’s just too bad that it couldn’t be something more malignant.  It’s a pretty big bulge too.  It’s kind of amazing how far the concrete "stretched" before it began to break.  You still can’t see what it is that’s causing it, too much concrete in the way.  It’s quite a bizarre sight.
I don’t know if I could take a picture that can do it justice.  I might even need shoes on to try with the water laying back there coming from the de-humidifier.  The machine develops condensation and so do the hose leading the other water it grabs into the sump hole.  Something more thrilling happened on Sunday.  I came down to the basement and found a small air freshener on the floor knocked from its perch on a little table.  I don’t remember knocking it off, or seeing it where I found it when I looked back to determine everything was turned off.  Supposedly no one was down here in the intervening time, I asked.  Suspicious…
Picture now available in my pictures.
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