The Excitement was Non-Electric

No I haven’t forgotten to blog again.  There was too much excitement, what with the electricity being off for four hours.  A lot of good it does to live ten minutes or so away from a power plant if wires down and hour away in a completely different direction knocks out power everywhere.  Imagine if in your house one of your breakers flipped or a single fuse burnt out, but your entire house went dead.  That’s what it’s like and it’s beyond pathetic.  What are we, living in the 60s still?  The phone lines, buried in the ground have all been modernised, but no one can do it to the above ground power systems?
It appears the freezer we have is no good in a power crisis anymore.  Unopened, after only the four hours, in weather that wasn’t all that hot for as close to the middle of June as this is, and the warning buzzer went off as soon as the power came back.  Of course, what good is it to know that the temperature inside rose too high if you don’t know until after the power comes back on?  It’s definitely just a malfunction only kind of system.  Pity.  Who knows what condition things in the freezer are in by time the alarm goes off.  Presumably not bad, like you can’t save things if you say had a second freezer, or if it was just something blocking the door from closing all the way.  Otherwise what would be the point?  For all we know the alarm temperature was just reached a minute before the power returned.  Naw….
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