Tomorrow, the Dentist

It’s that time of year again.  Off to the dentist I go.  To be poked, prodded, cleaned, flossed, and if I will it perhaps a bit of drilling and a light filling… though my hope could maybe be just the filling.  Last year I had essentially a bubble in the enamel of one tooth, and it broke.  So the dentist ground it down, since it wasn’t bad, infected, or a cavity, except in the sense it was an abscess.  Only problem is that my enamel isn’t all that thick.  He went right through it in one spot.  It’s kind of sensitive there, but I could use a nice cheap dentist bill without it on there, especially if there’s nothing wrong with it beyond being sensitive.  I have very hard teeth, but that white material is only white by virtue of its thickness. 
Since my enamel isn’t all that thick my teeth will never be white without say a veneer or what have you.  Beneath the enamel is something called (of all things) dentine, and it’s yellow—at least seen through the enamel.  This is why It bugs me to no end to see the onslaught of commercials pushing the idea that you have to have brilliant white teeth or you’re useless.  I’ve had people think, and by extension of that, ask if I smoke.  I don’t.  Or no doubt there are people out there who think I’m not hygienic or similar.  It’s a real pain in the backside.  I’m pretty harsh on vanity as it is.  Conformity tied to vanity has to be the absolute worst.  Any way, I don’t mind going to the dentist so I’m not perturbed by tomorrow.  Sure I could live without a numb mouth for an hour or three afterward, but I’m not about to decline it either.  Pain bad! PAIN BAD!!
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