Other People Work and I Laze About

Yesterday’s trip to the dentist was a snap as always, though I did have something done that was apparently due after four or five years of it being all right as it was.  In the top of one of my molars I had two teeny-tiny holes.  Apparently with nothing else to do the dentist decided to pre-empt those holes from becoming a cavity, or maybe it happened.  I haven’t paid it any attention the last few months any way.  So I was numb and mush-mouthed speaking for most of the afternoon, but meh, whatever.  Last night I slept most of the evening to make up for getting up early to make the appointment.
Today the workmen came to start work on that problem with the basement.  They dug up how much outside around the problem corner in question.  Man what a mess.  The crack is the entire corner, making for two triangles about two and a half feet to a side.  It was already pulling away from the rest of the two walls.  The bulging spot was just where water was making the cement rot and expand.  Pretty nasty, but just goes to show that water is the most dangerous thing around, not even the mountains can stand against it forever.
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