Repairs Complete

The workmen finished with the basement.  Everything’s all brand spanking new.  They replaced the corner from the first floor level down about five feet.  They put in new cement and new pipes, since it was one of the pipes having busted out in the ground that caused the crack in the cement.  The way that works is that the pipe leaks water, the water freezes and expands, etc. yadda yadda.  Maybe if the cement hadn’t started rotting and falling into the house the crack would have, in a year or two, ended up with that big section of the corner almost essentially falling into the house.
It’s certainly no fun having limited or no water for a couple days.  They had it shut off; they had the bathroom shut off.  Fortunately at night they could hook the bathroom back up otherwise I wouldn’t have been here, I’d have gotten on a bus to somewhere else, like when the kitchen was all tore up.  The work went pretty quick I guess, given they had to do the digging by hand, or at least chose to rather than trying to manoeuvre some machine into the cramped quarters to try to do it.  So, in answer to the burning question that started this all, apparently I was not being invaded.  The one tree root I saw didn’t touch the house, though maybe it attacked the pipe and still caused it all.
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