Lazy Days of Summer

I don’t feel like being up to much of anything.  It’s already as hot right now as it was at the worst last night, which for this place is saying something.  Still I put together a nice edition of my pro-blog today.  As you can also see I’m blogging here, so I’m ahead of where I was most of last week.  Hopefully things can get back to normal now.
I am without my new LCD monitor.  It went to the manufacturer on Friday.  Hopefully they can fix it or they will replace it.  Certainly the store I bought it from was of no help at all.  Sure, they were interesting in selling me a bigger one (for the difference in price) that wasn’t widescreen—they blamed it being widescreen as the problem, well that isn’t the case when I put it on a new Vista capable machine and it still did it.  This was even with brand spanking new video hardware of the expensive kind.  It’s all very annoying but hopefully in relatively short order I’ll get it back or replaced and all will be right with the world again.
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