Friday the 13th and the Bikers

Happy Friday the 13th everybody.  That special day that only comes one or twice a year is upon us.  Being summer, the usual 13th ballyhoo is larger than when it falls in cooler weather, not that today is all that hot outside.  It seems rather nice out if a bit windy.  Not the weather some would have liked, certainly not weather for ogling Ontario’s topless swimmers.  Though when the wind drops its warm.
What am I talking about you ask?  You don’t know what goes on every Friday the 13th around where I live?  Well let me tell you.  Every Friday the 13th thousands upon thousands (says the news) of motorcyclists descend upon a town call Port Dover for a big gathering.  It’s been going on now for twenty-one years, counting the earlier date this year, and today.  Bikers from all over Canada, and most of the US—especially in summer—come out for this often bi-annual event.  I can only guess maybe it’s an especially lucky year if there are three Friday the 13ths on the calendar.
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