Sound and Fury

Just a note about Friday: It was reported that 150,000 people (not just motorcycles, since some ride two people) descended upon Port Dover, a town/area of normally 6,000 people!
I spent the weekend, and a couple days before it, in writing mode.  Most of it was work on my fantasy role-playing game, though maybe as much as ninety percent of it will be useful in any other game I decide to write.  First off I was working on information dealing with sound and how far away sounds of certain levels can be heard.  I started with a borrowed chart from somebody and then I went to town tweaking it and making it my own.  The biggest change I did was to remove the effect of sounds that lessen the distance something can be heard.  Then I detailed rules how to add those "distractions" back in.
The second thing I was working on–and still am chugging away at–is the weather in games.  Here I have breakdowns of things like wind speeds, amounts of precipitation–that being rain or snow–a look at temperatures around my fantasy world, and numerous things that the Game Master can roll randomly.  Specifically for the fantasy game I even have monthly norms and a multiple year weather cycle.  Some of this fantasy-setting information is on the wonky side compared to the real world, but there is a method to the madness, and such oddities can and will have a social impact on the game.  More about what this massive section requires next time.
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