…and Now for the Weather

Beyond what was discussed last time about the weather in games–and this applies to all story telling–there are other factors to consider.  The most visible of these factors in indeed visibility.  Whether it is heavy rain, driving snow, or clinging mists, the weather does affect how far away things can be seen.  This can be an important factor in game combat or in mood creation in fiction.  Additionally in both role-playing and stories this helps determine the feasibility of certain actions as well as precipitates the need of other actions.
In a similar manner, knowing the temperature is one thing, but dealing with it as a force that acts upon your character(s) is something else all together.  It can present challenges like heat exhaustion at one end of the scale and hypothermia and frostbite at the other end.  Precipitation can be a part of larger situations also such as droughts and dry fires or floods and mudslides.  With snow there are blizzards and avalanches.  They can create situations where characters have to deal with other people they otherwise likely wouldn’t encounter.   There is a plethora of ways to use the weather in any kind of tale, be it role-played, rolled with dice, or found static in a short story, novel, or movie.
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