Eaten Months

Another month has been eaten seemingly almost whole again.  Where does the time go?  I’ve been busy its true, writing up several kinds of storms, one virtually literally.  As can be seen today is a day for a lot of muchos over-descriptiveness, not all of it in one language!  With this month gone it feels like there isn’t much left of the year.  Who is eating all my time?  I want to know so I can put a stop it.  I’d hit them with a rolled up newspaper or something.  Bad time eater, bad!
Last night I took a bit of time to consider some RPG characters.  I was leaning toward some kind of vaporous super-heroine character.  I was in Wikipedia and other places trying to find a good catchy name for such a character.  It wasn’t until I slept on it that I decided on the name La Mère de la Neige.  So, just in a name I have several clues as to what this character would be like.  I decided on a real name for this heroine, Angelique Cartier.  From here the options open out for this character’s history and background.  Is she French?  Maybe she works for some government sanctioned hero team in France.  The name also lends itself to picking other super-powers.  There are many of possibilities on lots of fronts.
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