Separation of Blog and State

I thought this was a cute/catchy title, if inaccurate.  For a while now I have been using part of my "pro-blog" in my blog here, whenever the two occur close enough together or on the same day.  Today this might normally have been just such one case.  However, today what I put on my blog is something I have excerpted from my "Unnamed Psychic Horror Game".  The blog is titled Suspense from the Known.  For the first time ever I have placed copyright notices at the start, end, and middle of the blog.  This comes after reading through an article about something called "scraping" where they remove the content of blogs and post them somewhere else and make money (advertising) off of your hard work.
I expect the next pro-blog to be the same, with the warnings.  At the minimum it will steal the thunder of automated scraping.  I hope.  I have a new site I’m working on for myself, just a bit of fluffy stuff with maybe some game crunch streusel layered within, if I have the time to go beyond the little bit of material I have so far.  We shall see.  Over this weekend I’ll get some of it online, maybe.
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