The Premium No One Can Buy

What does everyone want that can’t be bought for any price, is always the highest thing in demand, and will never be a tradable commodity even though it can be billable?  Well I for one know I’ll never get enough of it, no matter how much I could use.  I also know that I’m a terrible waster of it at even the best of times.  I may be wasting it right now in being all coy and pretending to be mysterious writing about it.  I probably don’t need to say the word, and it might even be funny not to type it anywhere in here.
I’ve been working on keeping up with my newsletter emails.  That’s going well.  I’ve been *gasp* writing ahead for some of my blog work.  I was forced to buy some things this week after learning about the imminent demise of the media company Geneon.  I learned something awesome this week too.  2008 is going to see the releases on DVD of the classic "Live After Death" and "Maiden England" concert videos.  I bought a PAL version on VHS of "Maiden England" just to get the free CD that came with it, even though I couldn’t play the video and had to buy a second copy that I could watch.  Up the irons!
Music: Steven by Alice Cooper.
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