The Day the Music Lived

I don’t think I will ever be lauded as a great musical composer.  However, I just completed my second composition, a 20 and a bit second piece.  The first piece was around the same length and recorded it back in July.  Wow, I’d have sworn it was further back than that, but that’s what the timestamp says.  Needless to say, I had forgotten just about everything about the software, including which program I needed to use for just noodling on the keyboard.  I just found out don’t confuse noodling with kanoodling unless you reeeally like your keyboard.
What I do to compose these musical works is go to a website that has a keyboard programmed in Flash.  There I plot out the first layer of the tune.  For me that means I play it slow and make note of the letters that appear over the keys as I press them.  These flash keyboards can be shorter than the one in my actual midi program so I have to then pick what octave(s) to use.  Then I put the notes on the midi’s page with its built-in/on-screen keyboard.  Once I’ve laid in the basic track then I just add to it; usually another couple instruments with the same notes.  This gives it depth.  Then comes the counterpoint, or some other complication to make it more interesting.  Not bad for a guy with no training, and sometimes it would seem, when I’m moving notes up and down, no clue.
Music: Knock Me Out by Linda Perry & Grace Slick.
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