Thanksgiving Aftermath

Well, here we are, the day after (the Canadian) Thanksgiving.  Gobble-gobble and all that.  Whew…  It makes life much easier to do the cooking and have the first meal on a lazy Saturday then you can take the more relaxed approach of re-heating the leftovers on the actual holiday day.  So what was I thankful for this year?  First off I was thankful I allowed myself to take the day off from blogging.  I’m always thankful that I never have to do the bulk of the Thanksgiving cooking and that I can just lend a hand for a little bit.
I’m always thankful for the good friends I have.  I ever so thankful that I can get ultra-high speed DSL living in this little village.   As much as I curse way over half of what the software does or doesn’t do I am thankful for my computer.  After all without it, you wouldn’t be reading my words, and I would go utterly stark raving mad and proceed to gibber uncontrollably.  Look… here comes a man with a pretty butterfly net and a wonderful jacket without hand openings in the sleeves.
Music: Yeah Right by Twisted Sister.
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