Attack of the Multiple Halloween Sales

In previous years the bonus time for horror movies, when they were just thick coming out on DVD, was in September.  This year it wasn’t so much, though there was one sale I got in on from a pair of studios that netted me some good, creepy movies.  What is new this year was a couple of different sales this month for movies just in time for Halloween.  I can never resist things like cheap sell off deals or half-off or better sales.  I’ve loaded up on a small bunch from
I have to presume that there is a similar sale at for those on that side of the border.  The other sale, the one had to skip this time since Amazon’s deals were so phenomenal, is a place called down in Philadelphia.  I got onto that movie retailer some time ago because they stock a lot of hard to find and otherwise out of print movies.  They were where I snagged my copy of Silent Night, Deadly Night on VHS for fear it would never make it on DVD because of all the controversy the movie draws down.
Music: The Longest Day by Iron Maiden.
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