All of this Free Stuff and Still I Complain

Over the weekend I discovered that Daz3D gave away a cartload of models, figures, animals, creatures, and a location set to its Platinum members, of which I am one.  Kindly blog readers at Artzone have told me–after I asked–that I should have seen an email about these items.  If I did I don’t remember it.  At least I hope it’s me not remembering and not that the email got eaten.  It makes me think I may have to frequent that one forum without a tip off from an email first.  Any way, here’s what happened.  I downloaded a new freebie, one that I don’t remember getting in an email.  I was looking for the answer to a problem, a problem for which I wrote an Artzone blog.  So I went back to Daz3D to download the freebie a second time, in case the file was just corrupted during download.

The problem with this freebie is that I installed it twice and can’t find where it installed to except for one file that doesn’t do anything without the rest of it.  Nice software problem that.  Downloading it a second time and installing it a third hasn’t helped.  So I have to go find someone to which to complain.  Now I know where to go to complain, but I tried that on Friday and the process relies on a form that won’t send its information it just sits idle for half an hour and then expires.  I tried twice before giving up, because at the time I was only sending them a note about a small issue, one that was fixable.  I didn’t know what I would come across this much bigger and as far as I can see unfixable problem, at least one that I, the consumer, can’t fix for myself.  I’ll have to tell the uninitiated about the cool freebies next time.

Music: Judgement of Heaven by Iron Maiden.

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