Flu Shots and Micro-Furnaces

Tis the season to be freezin’ fa la la la la la la la la la!  Through my skin there is a breezin’ fa la la la la la la la la la!  That weather out there, it ain’t teasin’ fa la la la la la la la la la!  All that heat, where did it go?  Gone.   All gone.  As if it wasn’t proof enough we’re out in the cold, yesterday I went out to get my flu shot.  This year I managed to catch one of the public clinics and avoid dealing with the doctor’s crazy rule of come in between 8 and 9 am or get an appointment and have him try to offload the newest medical fad on you.  The clinic was in my old high school.  Not much has changed at ol’ CSS.  The parking lot is cratered like the surface of the moon.  One new addition is an elevator in the big hugely open stairwell down to the gymnasium.
While I was there, I took a look for myself on the framed picture of the class of 1991.  I didn’t look at the whole parade of faces, just around where I would find mine.  I spied David Muirhead (where is he anyway?), and I saw Tim Lamb (hi Tim!).  As for me, well that was an odd time for me; I was thin at the time for all of about three, maybe four years at the most starting around grade twelve (we had the OAC/grade thirteen still then).  Well, I’ll see how close I can get to that size again.  It’s so much easier to do in winter because I don’t have to worry about heat stroke.  Which brings me to the micro-furnace.  I just brought one of them out and plugged it in today.  I haven’t turned it on yet, but I may have to later.
Music: Cadillac Gas Mask by Bruce Dickinson.
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