The Crash

It’s easy to come off of a holiday feeling good.  Then the feelings kind of dwindle, and then there is the crash, just like after a sugar high.  Well the crash has hit.  I suppose its good there’s another holiday coming soon.  There’s also the little matter of the looming end of the year.  It causes certain thought threads to sew their way into your mind.  I find it even worse than that.  For me this time of year is also extremely close to my birthday.  Some people stress about that.  I’m not exactly one of them.  I’ve rarely had a party.  I generally keep closed lip about it with the bulk of people.  However, I do like cake, and I do like presents.

Still, it is a time of reflection on what’s gone on so far.  What has gone on?  Not much.  As much as I could jinx it, the future can only be brighter.  Right?  I can’t be any more unpublished by the regular channels.  I can’t get less new work projects.  I can’t be any more single and not even looking.  As they say, oh well.  It’s been a good year nonetheless.  I’ve reconnected with a tonne of people and made a bunch of new friends.  I’ve blogged my butt off, and much of it has been satisfying.  I made a major web coding break thru–which reminds me, I have to actually put to that some use, after I relearn how it works.  Back to the grind, until I have a sharp enough edge to start making my true mark.

Music: Khashoggi’s ship by Queen.

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