Lost My Mojo

If you find it, please be kind and send it back to me.  It may have run away.  It was sort of around during my big Halloween bonanza, but it was skulking around the edges, and seemed really skittish.  Or maybe its still here but I just ran it down really bad.  All I know is that I need it to write.  I’ve just been spinning my wheels about writing new short fiction to send out.  I haven’t touched the one since I plotted out what changes it needed in a re-write.  I also haven’t gone back to the one I started that needs to be written in a different direction.

Since I’ve spent all my efforts on mainstreaming my shorts to get them sold so I can leave shorts behind, I haven’t put much if any time into my longer projects.  I did a little something a while back with my one book project.  Every time I walk down to the one end of town I have the urge to work on another book.  I usually have something else to deal with by time I get back though.  This also ignores the fact that what should be the second book I complete is languishing.  I might re-write some of it heavily to bring it away from the controversy I fear might keep it unseen.

Music: Incense and Peppermints by The Strawberry Alarm Clock.

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