Double Dip This!

Am I the only one who’s aggravated by all this, "lets put out a DVD today, and another better version of the same movie tomorrow, oh and third version next week"?  Then there are the online sellers who say "let’s not mention to the buyer hey want to buy this other more expensive one instead of the one you’re looking at now?"  Or even be bothered to note somewhere whether this is the full screen or the widescreen version.  I don’t know if it’s worse it when they make you rely on the blurry little cover scan to see if its wide or full screen or special edition, or if its worse that they use the same image for both formats if not all editions so they’re all indistinguishable.  That is–and this bugs me immensely about the Canadian stores–if there is any image at all, which is the worst especially if there is more than one movie with a similar or identical name.

Why the complaining?  Well let’s see.  First thanks to a store not noting things and myself opening the plastic seal without looking first, I have a full screen version of White Noise when I wanted a widescreen; I always want the widescreen if they put it out in that format.  Then come the different editions in the same format.  I bought the Director’s Cut of the Grudge, only to find out that the featurettes I liked when I rented the movie are only on the regular cut of the film.  If it weren’t cheap I wouldn’t have bought the regular cut too.  Then, last night I finally saw Gothika.  I love those Dark Castle Entertainment people.  At the end I do a little web search to see if I missed an Easter Egg.  I find out that there’s a special two-disc edition that came out likely at the same time as the single disc that I thought I was getting a good deal on.  Grr I say, grr!

Music: To Bid You Farewell by Opeth.

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