Bringing it All Together

The other day I signed up for a new technical newsletter.  The topic is called Unified Communications.  It is both humdrum and pretty exciting stuff at the same time.  Humdrum because a lot of it is professional/work related and because a fair bit of it is currently mainstream with some of the new rubbed off.  However it’s still pretty interesting stuff if you’re into the workings of it, how it helps to do things, and what it means not only for today but for the future.  So, what is unified communications?  Well like it sounds it’s the bringing together of different modes of keeping connected and informed.  It brings together email, video, voice calls and voicemail, instant messaging, conferencing, and the nebulous but important new buzzword, presence.

I think the fun really comes when you start folding other things in with it, or maybe unifying them into a separate cohesive unit.  Really though, I think it all needs to come together.  The scale of information should be full.  To that end you would have to include all the collaboration technologies and then your getting into the burgeoning space of software as a service and working in the cloud.  What you haven’t heard of the cloud?  You will soon.  In fact I’ll touch on it right now.  I haven’t run across where they came up with the name but cloud computing is the next big thing.  The cloud is essentially the Internet, though it might be better thought of as parts of it.  Parts which will contain the next generation operating system, you’ll work with your files online, they’ll be kept online, others will with your permission be able to work alongside you on whatever it is, and a whole host of things in that vein and other things we may not have thought of yet.

Music: Too Much Information by Quiet Riot.

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