A Burning Question Answered

Happy New Year!  I think for the time being I am going to blog here every Friday, so as to cover what’s gone on in the week.
I have set out here in the New Year to provide everyone an answer to the question that many people always seem to want elucidated for them.  The question is asked again and again of authors.  The answers they give spread themselves over quite a range from the sublime to the useless.  What is this question?  You likely know it, but I’ll spell it out.  Where do you get your ideas?  See, you knew it.  In my effort to provide a certain, maybe even heretofore-unseen, level of transparency, I am opening another website under the R.M.T.P. Co. umbrella of content sites.  The new site is called TechStop.  It will be companion to a re-envisioned and more frequently updated WraithStop.
So, why am I mentioning TechStop first?  It is most certain to be the more active of the two sites.  I get a metric buttload of technology and science news in my email box and from my iGoogle.  This week I added another two newsletters to my list of subscriptions.  Crazy I know.  Then the idea struck me; this is maybe going to a part of my bread and butter.  This news is forming bits of background for the stories I want to tell.  I have some wild ideas brewing.  What is going on out in the world is important to them.  So, on TechStop I am going to post the URLs to the stories I think have interest to me from the technology and science news with a greater dependence on the former.  On WraithStop I am going to provide URLs about weird news stories, articles on the supernatural, and other news to which I see a creepy bent.  Tune in and see what’s driving my imagination.
Music: Too Much Information by Quiet Riot.
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