More News About Somewhere Else

Over at R.G. Male’s Dark Corners on Wednesday I posted my 200th blog there.  This was something of a momentous occasion given the more measured writing pace there and the fact that it is my pro (professional) blog.  Did I do something extra special for it?  Not really, but it was the eighth and latest instalment of my series of articles on designing a horror setting with psychic abilities involved.  This time out I talked a bit about using psychic abilities to do evil.  I wasn’t exactly holding out on the topic for the 200th post, but I feel it fortuitous to have come up now.  It’s not a terribly in-depth look at psychic villainy but it isn’t meant to be either.  I think this will be a cornerstone kind of post for the next couple to few articles in the series.
On the other hand I might just use this a break off point and blog about something else for a little bit.  There comes a point where a break is a good thing.  Stopping can let you recharge the batteries on a topic and give you renewed focus when you return to it.  I don’t believe that I have said all I need to say, or want to say on the topic.  At this point I’ve covered the basics of what I need to say to talk about more specific things.  This is though I am reluctant to get too specific, in particular to the things that I intend to do with my own foray into this genre with my RPG product that I am pushing along slowly.  It is not necessarily fear or paranoia of the ideas being "stolen" so much as it may be a wish to keep what I am doing fresh and surprising to the reader when the project is complete and available to its audience.
Music: Seven Seas of Rhye by Queen.
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