If It Is Possible

If it is possible I have too many things I could be doing with my time.  I’d have even more if I could remember everything that comes to me, usually when I’m away from the computer, and even without pen and paper to make up for it.  These things, activities, projects, necessities, need to be prioritised, and aggregated, and other big words applied to them.  Speaking of things attached to other things (take that specificity!) I should undertake an effort to add more organisation to my notes, thoughts, research, etc., by some kind of tagging method.  How I’m going to accomplish this I don’t know yet.  The tagging itself is likely to be easy if time consuming.  Then comes the hard part.  There needs to be some way to search out the tags and pull up their accompanying information.
This tagging and search is going on all over the place online.  It’s happening with my Blogger pro-blog.  It’s happening in Windows Vista supposedly; I can’t verify since I don’t have it and have spent all of five or ten minutes surfing websites on a laptop running it.  Of course I can’t help but have sugar-plum visions of the semantic web put together and at my fingertips on my computer even if it’s a local version, even if I’m kluging it–in the sense of workarounds–together with balling twine, sticky-tape and screwdrivers.  Meanwhile on another front of the coming way of things (lots of things, yay!) I downloaded and signed up for/with Joost to watch video online.  There are a number of channels.  I only took a brief look but of course I stumbled on a horror movie "channel".  More on that next time.
Music: Beggars and Thieves by Quiet Riot.
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