Brothers Under Attack

I ran across the following article yesterday, titled "Regulators now spooked by ghost stories"…
China is cutting into people’s rights once again.  This time it’s a ban on horror video and audio.  This is following the ban they placed on sex and or pornography, which was mirrored by Australia.  Let’s only hope that Australian horror isn’t the next to go.  I could be mean and nasty, I guess, and suggest that the Chinese authorities want to be the only horror themselves in the lives of the general population.  I also have no idea why exactly this rush to ban things has anything to do with their Olympics.  Certainly there is enough talk of horror surrounding the games simply because some people think China shouldn’t have them in light of the fact they are biggest seller of oil to Darfur where it’s a total nightmare of killing, homelessness due to violence, and worse.
I’m honestly not aware of any Chinese horror movies, that I know of.  There are some from Japan on my radar certainly, how could there not be.  I have to say my favourite is the original Japanese Dark Water.  I think there are some horror titles I’ve noticed hailing from out of South Korea and maybe Thailand though I can’t name them.  While it’s fun to be a bit outré, a bit out there on the fringes, it’s no fun to be maligned–well maybe a little–and no good to be stripped of your passions.  This is especially bad considering how wide and perhaps all encompassing it is.  This isn’t like the ban on specific movies, the video-nasties of Britain for example (who aren’t vicious jailers).  It also isn’t like some of the zombie and cannibal movies with real mutilation or animal cruelty, which I certain won’t stand by in the name of freedom.  However, I guess there’s not much to be done about it so far away.
Music: Hero’s Return by Hammerfall.
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  1. Alexandra says:

    It’s wild when I you look at what foreign governments do.  I think a lot of our interpretations (and confusion) stems from the culture confusion.  Neither you nor I can really know what it is like to be a Chinease person living in China.  They think differently, and have different values.  A friends of mine was in China recently and commented on the fact that even though she was there for two (or three?) weeks she saw only one pregnant women.  Thats crazy when there are like thirty in our church!!!  Someone else was just telling me how the Japanese hold Honor as all important, and how every year at admissions time the suicide rate sky rockets.  I guess over there if you do not get into the right university then you have shamed your family and it is better to kill yourself!  This be one crazy ass world!

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