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Exposing Oneself

Things have changed.  That’s a loaded statement.  Things always change.  The change in question (It’s unasked but there.)  is regarding privacy, or what used to pass for it.  This note/blog here is a tiny bit of proof right here.  Sometimes … Continue reading

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Pieces of a Puzzle

Earlier this week I read a note, of the blogging kind, that fit in nicely with some thoughts I had been gathering together and trying to formulate into something.  The subtext of the idea behind these thoughts, and that they … Continue reading

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The White Stuff

There’s too much of it.  Not enough people clear it off of the sidewalks.  It was too scary high to take to the road–the country thing to do in winter.  Weaker people might go stir crazy hiding inside where’s it’s … Continue reading

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Of Legacy and Passing

Tuesday this week held some rather depressing news, "Gary Gygax, ‘Father of D&D’, Dies at 69".  There is a lot of that going on, bad news in the role-playing game industry.  It wasn’t so long ago that Erick Wujcik (age … Continue reading

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Humans 1 Machine Intelligence 0

Happy Leap Day everyone!  Here’s a wacky blog to commemorate the occasion, but not just any wacky blog, a disturbing whack-job wacky blog.  I’ve been writing a series of blog articles at R.G. Male’s Dark Corners about horror settings with psychics, … Continue reading

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