Humans 1 Machine Intelligence 0

Happy Leap Day everyone!  Here’s a wacky blog to commemorate the occasion, but not just any wacky blog, a disturbing whack-job wacky blog.  I’ve been writing a series of blog articles at R.G. Male’s Dark Corners about horror settings with psychics, as a part of dealing with designing such an RPG game.  I recently posted a topic titled "Anatomy of a Horror Setting #14: A Terrifying Example of Complexity and Control".  It was the second time I delved into the way that abusive people achieve and maintain control over their victims, from an evil psychic’s perspective.  I described a lengthy scenario involving elements from the previous look at the topic along with others ideas from previous articles, and I paved the way for an article, again, discussing evidence, from a different angle.
Here’s where the dark wacky and today’s title come into play.  On the blog I have Google ads served at the top.  I only have one ad block if you look at the main page of the blog.  If you look at individual blogs it’s the same thing but on a one block for one blog basis in comparison.  I returned to the blog a few days after posting it and found "interesting" ads being served.  The most notable of the two ads was for dog obedience training.  Talk about inappropriate, humans being subjugated effectively compared to dogs being trained.  The other ad was for personality testing.  Certainly if someone is enslaving another person we can tell what kind of personality they have without a test.  While I may get a dark kick out of the creepiness implied here I doubt too many others would see any humour to it.
Music: Too Much Too Soon by Green Day.
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