The White Stuff

There’s too much of it.  Not enough people clear it off of the sidewalks.  It was too scary high to take to the road–the country thing to do in winter.  Weaker people might go stir crazy hiding inside where’s it’s safe and somewhat warmer.  Oddly enough some of the stuff was carted away from the downtown area… all forty or fifty feet of it on either axis… that’s like a diametric line, not a radial one.  A trip to the post office, bank, and barber (all in one day) was enough of the outside for a week.  There’s so much white stuff it fills and clogs the mind.  White, blinding, cold, numb, burying white stuff.  Enough of that… now for more friendlier white stuff…

Music: The White Stuff by Weird Al Yankovic.

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