Pieces of a Puzzle

Earlier this week I read a note, of the blogging kind, that fit in nicely with some thoughts I had been gathering together and trying to formulate into something.  The subtext of the idea behind these thoughts, and that they are partially made from, is also connected to something very common to all of us on our social network sites, the mostly ubiquitous status update.  The note was about people and their interactions, about the good and the bad.  It might be considered deep, or it might be considered trite and over used.  Either way the content and the context are more important than what was said.  In turn these things are unimportant compared to the question it raised for me.  What is the author’s motivation for this blog?  What brought about the topic?  What’s the story behind the story?

What are we to make, or understand, about the bits and pieces, of lives we come into contact with?  We get these glimpses.  Sometimes they make sense as they are, other times they are only bits of the whole picture, and other times yet we can’t understand them without more.  The question that I sometimes ponder is how are we to act upon the things that need to be acted upon.  With such transparency and an obvious need to share, is there a line not to be crossed, or is the potentially unwitting invitation enough?  There is such empowerment to be gained from the flow of information and from sharing–just like our mother’s said–but where do we draw that line?  As someone open, and often heart-on-a-sleeve I’m the last one to draw a line of my own.  Do you have a line?

Music: Anything, Anything by Dramarama.

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