Exposing Oneself

Things have changed.  That’s a loaded statement.  Things always change.  The change in question (It’s unasked but there.)  is regarding privacy, or what used to pass for it.  This note/blog here is a tiny bit of proof right here.  Sometimes many things are only to be intimated from what is said instead of the actual words themselves.  Other times more is directly said to a waiting and willing audience–ranging from close contacts to complete strangers–than ever used to be shared except in the most intimate of relationships–friends and deeper.  What kind of message does this send, if any?  Is it a good thing, or a bad thing?  Or is it just a thing and nothing more?  While what is let out can be done so in a measured and thoughtful manner the openness may just be what today’s people need.
Here’s to open.  I was out for a walk today.  It’s been a longer walk this week than I had been taking.   Being cooped up inside prior to the last week or two didn’t help, when people didn’t clear the metric buttload of snow off of their sidewalks even after the town had the huge roadside drifts and mounds hauled off.  I decided there is nothing to do but push it if I ever want the scales to start counting down again.  I didn’t let the blister I got from the extended distance stop me none either.  That’s what calluses were created for, once you get to that point.  I had picked up the weights but it didn’t seem a fair replacement for the walking.  Little puny weights, but I make up for it with repetition and a number of related motions with them.  I just might move up to only measly weights soon.
Music: Different World by Iron Maiden.
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