Welcome to the Numb

Having one of those days is an occurrence that is like an endangered animal except in reverse.  If a lot of your days are the kind where you throw up your hands and say you’re having one of those days, then you know exactly what I mean.  A couple weeks ago I started a project that was well overdue.  I sat down to work hard on it, and then before the next day hit I had run into a snag.  I fixed the snag in a triumphant bit of learning and insight (I dare say so myself).  Then I suffered the post-highpoint lull and started to stall.  Then I got sick and totally stalled.  Now here I am trying to get things going again.  The urgency though has evaporated.  The effort to recapture the urgency, say by collecting the condensation from the original batch, is not getting very far.
I certainly feel better health-wise than I did.  The cold et al is still not beaten though and seems to be hanging on by enough of a margin to be annoying.  I haven’t resumed my walking though I’ve at least been out of the house a couple times this week.  The weather’s turn for the better is something of a blessing and a curse.  It means where I sit in the basement here working that it’s actually colder than it was in the winter.  It has the added bonus of being cold and damp since its obvious from the air around me that the ground outside has thawed.  It also means radical temperature shifting from one day to the next leading to the perpetual question of what do I need to wear to go out so I neither freeze or roast?  That of course all depends on what you’re doing once you’re out there.
Music: Welcome to the Numb by Motley Crue.
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