All About Blogs (Almost)

I have half an hour to write here and get it posted.  I post the same blog to more than one place now.  Better to get more coverage that way.  There’s Facebook, my BobScares MySpace, Bebo, IMVU, my Windows Live Spaces titles "Atramentus Gloaming", and a quick tweet on Twitter to let people know the blog is up.  On Twitter I rotate through linking to the different places except for Facebook where I like to keep things between friends more than the public at large.  Kind of funny giving it’s the same blog copied everywhere.  It’s all about the feel of places and things I guess.  As has been seen in this blog lately I’ve taken a more relaxed mood.  I also have my pro-blog as I call it sometimes–other times I refer to it as my Horror on Hump Day blog.

I further maintain a blog at a place called Artzone.  I spend most of the time there talking about art, in specific about the 3D rendering and animation program called Daz3D.  It’s kind of taken over the bulk of my visual arts time.  I spend less fiddling with other pictures and cutting and pasting things together, though those skills certainly come in handy when doing some of the final work on the 3D images due to the limitations of the software.  Some of that 3D art is available on some of my social networks, but not all of them.  Of course the bulk of my work is available on my Artzone account.  You have to be a member to see most of it though.  If anyone is interested or already has an account there I go by the login "themalebob" or you can find me at .  Of course if any who knows me on one network wants to add me on another just drop me a line.

Music: Moment of Impact by Fear Factory.

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