Coincidence and Trends

On the site I maintain where I gather research material in the form of links on technology and related things I started noting what it was about the link that interested me, and what I might consider putting to use, with the occasional self-directed note to what project I like it for.  The site is called TechStop.   I’ve noted recently a number of links on very closely related topics.  There is a dearth of similar veins, not to mention circles where one topic leads to the next to the next and so on and so forth until it comes back to the first topic.  This begs the question to me, how much of it is my focus on these topics–that these things interest me so I gravitate toward them, or that they are heavy on my mind–and how much of it is it that they are just newsworthy?
There is a name for the phenomena of seeing ideas crop up in multiple instances, often in groups of threes.  It’s more than just calling it coincidence.  Sadly I cannot recall the term, nor can I seem to suss it out with Google.  The human brain is wired to see patterns; it’s a big part of vision and a somewhat important part (so I take it) to cognition.  Still it’s not a faultless process and often we see or sense connections, which are not there.  Yet, looking at my links and notes this does not seem to such an instance.  The dates and the frequency of these idea cropping up is just too tight, but it did call to mind this named, but elusive for me to name, phenomena.
Music: The Devil to Pay by Iced Earth.
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