State of the Basement Address

It’s been a very busy time since I stopped blogging–as a form of vacation.  It’s been very fruitful on some fronts, and very frustrating on others.  I picked up a new computer shortly before the hiatus.  That was a huge time eater.  I still have little things to do the new system, such as install my horror and other fonts for 2D art generation.  I had a number of problems with the new installation of DazStudio for 3D art.  Things did not always end up in the same spot as previously.  This meant performing the horrible kludge of duplicating files to be in the right locations both for old files and for new ones.  Then there were other serious issues, some of which are unresolved, but thankfully most of those are the fault of the current version of the software and fixes will hopefully be coming soon.
These issues with Daz did not prevent me from adding a bunch of new renders to my personal gallery.  I’d post the URL here now, but some pictures are for a mature audience only, and at least a couple are for a disturbed audience only. 🙂  If you want to see any of this art message me.  On the writing front there is very little new, though a lot of work has been underway.  I have written a tonne of notes for my two Role-Playing Game projects–though none for my actual campaign–and a host of other stories and book ideas.  The notes have come fast and furious.  A lot of ideas have come together, but a lot more are still just floating around separately doing their own thing waiting for other linkages to be formed first.  There are so many notes that I’m in need of notes to explain notes.
Music: Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Iron Maiden.
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