Keeping Up with the Mansons

The Canadian news was awash again with horror.  This time it was a “Horrific Bus Ride” in Manitoba.  To sum things up, in the night some guy took a big ‘Rambo’ knife and stabbed a sleeping guy repeatedly for no apparent reason.  A few stabs weren’t enough either.  Witnesses, who awoke to the screaming during the massacre, saw the psycho killer stab the victim all over, attempt or succeed in gutting the man, and then decapitated him, only to show the horrified witnesses the head.  The murderer perpetrated all of the violence calmly, no screaming, no shouting.  The news and perhaps the police were reluctant at first to admit to the beheading, though a witness describing the murderer walking away from the body holding the head and going to the front of the bus to show it off seemed definite enough to me.
This is only a week or so since the news again carried the story out of British Columbia about five severed feet being found in different spots along the coastline and in and about certain islands.  Of the five feet there were four right feet.  This was mysterious enough without another pair of unrelated severed feet in Ottawa, Ontario, plus others elsewhere in the world.  No one knows what to make of all these feet or if they bear any relation whatsoever, such as a link by murder–at least the five in B.C.  My point, with the odd title of this entry, is that sometimes it seems like I have work cut out for me (oh the punnity!)  in creating horrific works.  One needs only go to the beach, or take a bus ride to get more than their share of real horror.  Imagine those poor people on that bus.  They don’t have the luxury of saying, “It’s only a movie.”
Music: Hollow Man by Iced Earth.
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